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R.I.P Errol Sheriff.
I took this photo between 2010-2011 because I saw it where I worked (hence how I meet Ron) and I instantly knew it was one of the old hotted up taxis I use to see when I was a kid.  I also remember this car getting around Maryborough from when I was in my late teens until my late twenties.  I am now the proud owner of this car and I will always treasure it because of the massive history behind it.  This car will be kept as a tribute to Errol Sheriff and the Sheriff family.
R.I.P Ronny!  Going to miss ya mate!

Mel takes the sheriff for her first spin!

  • Mel will be the caretaker of "The Sheriff"
    Mel will be the caretaker of "The Sheriff"
  • The Sheriff
    The Sheriff
  • The Sheriff
    The Sheriff
  • The Sheriff
    The Sheriff
  • in the shed with Marduk
    in the shed with Marduk
Mel will be the caretaker of "The Sheriff"
Mel will be the caretaker of "The Sheriff"
Me, Mel and our Hot Rods!

The Wheel Arch Repair!

Before Errol died, he unfortunitly had a bit of a fender bender and got side swiped. He fixed and painted the front guard that he found in Bundaberg and the front door, mirrors and chrome he purchaced from me! Dammo and Ernie from Fully Steeled Restorations took on the rear wheel arch and I must say they done a fantastic job.

Unfortunately I have some bad news.  Ron Sheriff passed away on the 2nd of October 2013.  RIP Ron,  We will all miss you greatly.

He will be reunited with his son Errol Sheriff and his wife Beryl Sheriff.  He will remain a true legend forever.

Today I said good by to my oldest friend!   I have know Ron Sheriff now for 3 years or more, But I was fortunate enough to get to see him most days. So we got to know each other very well.  I'm going to miss Ron and his stories.  And I will sure miss seeing him zooming around Yaralla place while I make deliveries. He had an amazing life and had a wonderful family.

Rest in Peace Ron Sheriff
Ron Sheriff and his wife Beryl started a Taxi service in the late 30's in Rockhampton Queensland, not long into owning the taxi he decided to move to Maryborough and continued his taxi business there.  After deciding to raise his family in Maryborough, Ron's Taxi cab service became well established and developed into an empire taxi fleet of stylish taxi cabs.  He became famous for his taxi service as his cabs were some of the neatest and unique within Australia and even the world. His taxi service even had a couple of write ups in a few different car magazines and news paper.  People from all over knew Ron and his sons Errol and Gilbert Sheriff becasue of their one of a kind taxi fleet.  Unfortunately Errol took a turn for the worst and passed away at the end of 2012 - R.I.P Errol.  This website is a tribute to Errol and the Sheriff family! At the age of 98,  Ron now lives in the same nursing home where I work and we have become good friends.  I want to say a big thanks to Annette for selling us the last sheriff taxi cab, The XE Falcon.  We are going to call the XE - The Sheriff.

Here is a photo of Ron and his wife on there wedding day.  The year was 1939 the same year when Ron started his taxi service.  His wife was 20 and he was 25.

This is Ron's first taxi, The Oldsmobile.  I'm not too sure on the year it was made but I think it was in the late 30's.

The boy sitting on the bonnet is one of his sons,  either Errol or Gilbit.  

This photo was taken in the early 40's.

Ron said that he bought this car for 500 pound and used it as a taxi for 16 years.  One day a chap wanted to buy it from him right or wrong so Ron sold the car for 600 pound, 100 more than what he paid for it.

This photo was taken in the 50's.  Over the years Ron used his cars for many weddings.  The most wedding he had in one day was 9!

You will also notice the church in the background is the Catholic church located in  Adelaide street, Maryborough.  Coincidentally this is  the same church where my wife and I  were married in 2010.
This was in the early 60's.  I am not too sure on the exact model, it looks like it maybe an EJ Holden.

This picture was taken somewhere in Maryborough, it looks like the cricket club.

I will find out more information soon!
This is Errol and Annette's wedding (I am not sure on the exact date) They used Ron's taxi as their wedding car.

You will notice he used curtains on the back windows when his taxis' were done up as wedding cars.
One of the HQ Holden taxis!

This photo was taken out the front of Ron's house.  He loved his gardening as much as his cars.  The Holden parked in front of the intertwined pine trees, his two passions in life!

Here is Errol's XB Falcon taxi.  You can see his wife Annette on the drivers side and his three daughters on the other side.

This is one of my favorite photos.  They used Starline Taxi signs.

Here is the newer VC Commodore Taxi.  You can see the red strips as this is how Errol's falcons were painted as well.

Errol ran the Fords and Gilbert ran the Holdens.
This could be the last Commodore taxi.  Gilbert looking cool with his pride and joy taxi cab.  I remember as a kid seeing the Falcon versions running the same mag wheels.
Here is Ron and his wife with there VS Commodore!  Ron changed over 25 Holden in his time always keeping up with the latest models!
This Is Ron's last car he bought.  Its a supercharged v6 and he says "it breaks my heart that I cant drive it."  He says that he still goes back to his home from time to time to give it a bit of a rev and keep the battery charged.  Annette has taken it home and is going to be the care take of this beast for awhile.  She took it up to the nursing home the other day for Ron.  He was very excited but a little upset as he watched her drive away.

Now for the black XE!  THE SHERIFF.

Here we have the spotlight covers that were air brushed with the title "The Sheriff". This was Melissa's decision for the nick name of this car so I got this done as a suprise for her!

Here is a slide show of how we air brushed The Sheriff badge!

  • adding the words!
    adding the words!
  • starting to look cool
    starting to look cool
  • All finished and Delivered, Thanks Pualy!
    All finished and Delivered, Thanks Pualy!
  • The new Covers are on!
    The new Covers are on!
When we purchaced the XE it had 269,164kms on the clock which is fantastic for a ex-taxi of that age. It only served 3 months as a cab before Errol hurt himself and decided to retire him and the cab.  The XE taxi became his pride and joy. The trip meter had 50kms on it and Errol always clicked the trip meter back to zero when ever he did a survice on it.  I took a pic of the speedo at 269,351 on our second or third outing in it. You can see there is only 237ks on the trip meter so we haddent driven it far.
This is when the speedo clicked over to 270,000ks on our way home from Rainbow beach on our first Maryborough Ford Club run to Rainbow Beach.